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Code Section
28.35.030; 28.15.181

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC as determined by test taken within 4 hours of offense

Rehabilitation Required?
Yes, must satisfy screening, evaluation, referral, and program requirements of agency authorized by state to provide rehabilitative treatment; while in prison or as a condition of parole a court may order the administration of drugs intended to prevent the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 90 days min.; 2nd: 1 yr. min.; 3rd: 3 yrs. min., 4th or subsequent: 5 yrs. min.

Other Penalties
1st: min. 72 hrs. and min. $1500; 2nd: min. 20 days and min. $3000; 3rd: min. 60 days and min. $4000; 4th min. 120 days and min. $5000; 5th min. 240 days and min. $6000; 6th and subsequent: min. 360 days and min. $7000; while imprisoned: 1st: 24 hrs. of community service; 2nd: 160 hrs. of community service

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