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District of Columbia

Code Section
50-2201.05, 50.2205.02

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC; .10% alcohol in urine (less than .03% BAC or .04% in urine is evidence of intoxication but no presumption of intoxication; greater than .05% BAC or .06% in urine constitutes prima facie case of intoxication); under age 21: no measurable amount of alcohol for blood, breath, or urine

Rehabilitation Required?
Yes, can request person enter diversion program

Driver’s License Suspension?
Yes for unspecified time

Other Penalties
1st: $200-300, 30 days; 2nd within 15 yrs.: $300-500, 5 days–1 yr. or 30 days community service; 3rd and subsequent within 15 yrs.: $1000-5000, 10 days–1 yr. or 60 days community service, Note: vehicle may be impounded

Inside District of Columbia