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Code Section
316.193, 322.28

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC; .08% in breath

Rehabilitation Required?
Yes, required attendance at licensed substance abuse course, including psychological evaluation

Driver’s License Suspension?
Revocation/suspension upon conviction; 1st: 180 days–1 yr.; 2nd within 5 yrs.: 5 yrs.; 3rd within 10 yrs.: 10 yrs.; vehicle impounded; 1st: 10 days; 2nd within 5 yrs.: 30 days; 3rd within 10 yrs.: 90 days

Other Penalties
1st: $250-500 and jail up to 6 mos. and probation up to 1 yr. and community service of 50 hrs. minimum or $10 fine per hour not worked; 2nd within 5 yrs.: $500-1000 and jail up to 9 mos., min. 10 days; 3rd within 10 yrs.: 3rd degree felony $1000-2500 and jail up to 12 mos., min. 30 days; 4th: 3rd degree felony and min. $1000; if BAC exceeds .20%: 1st: $500-1000 and jail up to 9 mos.; 2nd: $1000-2000 and jail up to 12 mos.; 3rd: min. $2000

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