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Code Section
9-30-5-1, et seq.; 9-30-10-4

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC; under age 21, .02-.10%

Rehabilitation Required?

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: (or 2nd in more than 10 yrs.) 90 days to 2 yrs.; 2nd 5-10 yrs. ago: 180 days to 2 yrs.; 2nd within 5 yrs.: 1-2 yrs. if offense included bodily injury or death: 2-5 yrs. Note: any probationary periods include equipping motor vehicle with functioning certified ignition interlock device

Other Penalties
1st: Class C misdemeanor; 2nd within 5 yrs.: min. 5 days jail or min. 80 hrs. community service in addition to Class D felony; 3rd within 10 yrs.: considered habitual violator

Inside Indiana