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Code Section
8-1008, 1014, 1567, 1567a

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC within 2 hrs. of operating vehicle (if BAC is less than .08%, this may be considered with other evidence of intoxication); under age 21: .02% BAC

Rehabilitation Required?
1st: person must enroll in alcohol and drug safety action education or treatment program; 2nd: must complete a treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse plus 60 days of restricted driving privileges (to and from work and alcohol program); 3rd: possible treatment program for alcohol/drug abuse

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 30 days and 330 days restricted; 2nd and subsequent: 1 yr., and, 1 yr. subsequent, driving with ignition interlock device; 5th or subsequent: permanent. Note: all revocations are reinstated at the above time periods only upon completion of alcohol and drug safety program

Other Penalties
1st: Class B, nonperson misdemeanor, $500-1000 and 48 hrs.-6 mos. jail (within ct’s discretion, up to 100 hrs. in public service); 2nd: Class A, nonperson misdemeanor, $1000-1500 and 90 days-1 yr. jail (may be sentenced to work release program after 5 days or house arrest after 48 hrs.); 3rd or subsequent: nonperson felony, $1500-2500 and 90 days-12 mos. jail (Note that in lieu of fines, $5 per community hour will be credited)

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