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Code Section
MCLA 257.625 et seq.

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC; under age 21:.02%

Rehabilitation Required?
Screening and assessment to determine the likely benefit from rehabilitation. Court may order person to participate and successfully complete one or more alcohol or drug education or treatment programs

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 6 mos.; 2nd or subsequent within 7 yrs.: 1 yr. (injuries or death-causing accidents heighten restrictions)

Other Penalties
1st: $100-500 and/or up to 93 days jail and costs of prosecution and community service up to 45 days; 2nd within 7 yrs.: $200–1000 and 30-90 days community service and up to 1 yr. jail; 3rd within 10 yrs., felony: $500-5000 and either 1-5 yrs. jail or 30 days to 1 yr. probation with imprisonment and 60-180 days community service; Injuries or death-causing accident heightens penalties of all offenses

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