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Code Section
484.379, et seq.

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC within 2 hrs. after driving or being in actual physical control of vehicle

Rehabilitation Required?
1st: must pay for and complete educational course on alcohol and substance abuse; 2nd within 7 yrs.: may order to undergo program of treatment for alcoholism or drug abuse (for 1st and 2nd violation: person may apply to undergo 1 yr. program for alcoholism and drug abuse if he’s classified by counselor or physician as drug abuser or alcoholic)

Driver’s License Suspension?
Revoked if BAC is greater than .08%

Other Penalties
1st: $400-1000 and 2 days to 6 mos. jail or 48–96 hrs. community service (dressed in “distinctive garb”); 2nd within 7 yrs.: $750-1000 and 10 days to 6 mos. jail and 100-200 hrs. community service; 3rd or subsequent within 7 yrs.: category B felony, $2000-5000 and 1-6 yrs. jail; in addition to any penalty, civil penalty of $35 paid to court

Inside Nevada