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New Jersey

Code Section
39:4-50; 39:4-50.14

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC; under age 21:.01% or more

Rehabilitation Required?
Screening, evaluation, referral program, and fee requirements of Div. of Alcoholism’s Intoxicated Driving Programs Unit and 12-48 hrs. in two consecutive days in Intoxicated Driver Resource Center and a program of alcohol education and highway safety as proscribed by director of Div. of Motor Vehicles

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 3 months–1 yr.; 2nd: 2 yrs.; 3rd: 10 yrs. (if driver is under 17 yrs. old, period of revocation begins at 17th birthday)

Other Penalties
1st: $250-400 and up to 30 days jail and 12-48 hrs. in Intoxicated Driver Resource Center; 2nd: $500-1000, 30 days community service, and 48 hrs. to 90 days jail; 3rd: $1000 and min. 180 days jail; up to 90 days of jail can be exchanged for community service (those who are underage for drinking and found DWI are subject to stiffer penalties)

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