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North Carolina

Code Section
20-138.1, et seq., 179

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC at any relevant time after the driving; commercial motor vehicle driver: .04%; under age 21: no amount of alcohol

Rehabilitation Required?
Assessment may be required for alcoholism and substance abuse and appropriate treatment if necessary in program approved by Dept. of Human Res.

Driver’s License Suspension?
Level 5: 30 days; level 4: 60 days; level 3: 90 days

Other Penalties
Court assesses the following levels of penalties based upon a list of grossly aggravating, aggravating and mitigating factors: level 5: 24 hrs. jail, 24 hrs. community service, and $200 fine; level 4: 48 hrs. jail, 48 hrs. community service, and $500 fine; level 3: 72 hrs. jail, 72 hrs. community service, and $1000; level 2: up to $2000 fine, 7 days-12 mos. jail; level 1: up to $4000 fine, 30 days-24 mos. jail. Level 1 and 2 reserved for grossly aggravating factors only (such as prior convictions, serious injury, driving with child under 16 yrs. old)

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