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South Carolina

Code Section
56-5-2930, et seq.

BAC Legal Limit
“Under influence of intoxicating substances—liquor or drugs”; .08% BAC

Rehabilitation Required?
Evaluation and successful completion of Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program certified by South Carolina Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse prior to reinstatement of license

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 6 mos.; 2nd: 1 yr.; 3rd: 2 yrs.; 4th: permanent

Other Penalties
1st: $400 and 48 hrs. to 30 days jail or 48 hrs. public service; 2nd: $2000-5100 and 5 days to 1 yr. jail or min. 30 days public service; 3rd within 10 yrs.: $3800-6300 and 60 days to 3 yrs. jail; 4th and subsequent: 1-5 yrs. jail

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