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Code Section
55-10-401, 403

BAC Legal Limit
“Under the influence” .08% BAC

Rehabilitation Required?
2nd offense: may be required to participate in court-approved inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program, up to 28 days

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 1 yr.; 2nd: 2 yrs.; 3rd: 3-10 yrs.; 4th or subsequent: 5 yrs.

Other Penalties
1st: $350-1500 and 48 hrs. to 11 mos. 29 days jail or 200 hrs. of public service; 2nd within 10 yrs.: $600-3500 and 45 days to 11 mos. 29 days jail; 3rd and subsequent: $1100-10,000 and 120 days to 11 mos. 29 days jail; 4th or subsequent: $3000-15,000, class E felony, min. 150 days jail. Note: there are more serious penalties for multiple offenders (within 10 yrs.), serious bodily injury, or minor offenders.

Inside Tennessee