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Code Section

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC within 2 hrs. of operation or physical control

Rehabilitation Required?
1st: assessment and educational series at a licensed alcohol dependency rehab facility (court may order treatment if person has problem); 2nd: same as above (treatment at court’s discretion); 3rd and subsequent: same as above (treatment at alcohol rehab facility is mandatory)

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 90 days; subsequent within 6 yrs. of prior conviction: 1 yr.

Other Penalties
1st: Class B misdemeanor (Class A if bodily injury involved or child under 16 yrs. old is passenger), minimum $750 and min. 48 hrs. jail or min. 24 hrs. community service; 2nd within 6 yrs.: minimum $800 and min. 240 hrs. jail or min. 240 hrs. community service; 3rd or subsequent within 6 yrs.: 3rd degree felony, minimum $1500, 1500 hours jail

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