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Code Section
Title 23 1201, et seq.

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC; under age 21:.02% BAC

Rehabilitation Required?
1st: alcohol assessment screening-therapy program or driver rehab if necessary at court’s discretion; 2nd: completion or substantial progress in completing therapy program

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 90 days; 2nd: 18 months; 3rd or subsequent: life

Other Penalties
1st: max. $750 and/or up to 2 yrs. jail; 2nd: up to $1500 and/or 48 hrs. to 2 yrs. jail and 200 hrs. community service; 3rd: up to $2500 and/or up to 5 yrs. jail, and 400 hrs. community service. Note that serious injury or death carries harsher penalties.

Inside Vermont