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Code Section
46.61.502 et seq.

BAC Legal Limit
.08% BAC within 2 hrs. of driving; under age 21: .02% BAC within 2 hrs. of driving

Rehabilitation Required?
A diagnostic evaluation and treatment recommendation by alcoholism agency approved by Dept. of Social & Health Services and completion of alcohol information course

Driver’s License Suspension?
1st: 90 days; 2nd within 3 yrs.: 2 yrs. and subject to vehicle seizure and forfeiture; 3rd or subsequent: 3 yrs. Note: longer suspension period for higher BAC (over .15%)

Other Penalties
1st: Gross misdemeanor, $350-5000 and 24 hrs. to 1 yr. jail; 2nd within 7 yrs.: $500–$5000 and 30 days–1 yr. jail and 60 days electronic home monitoring at offender’s cost; 3rd or subsequent within 7 yrs.: $1000–$5000 and 90 days–1 yr. jail and 120 days electronic home monitoring at offender’s cost. Higher BAC (above .15%) or refusal to take test results in harsher penalties

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